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    Premiere (sub)clips to After Effects

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      I want to be able to send my PP subclips over to AE so I can run some scripts on them (since PP is inexplicably unscriptable as yet), but I can't figure out how to do this.


      Copy-and-paste of folders of subclips sends the clips over to AE without their In/Out markers intact - in other words, if I've made two subclips from a master clip and PP, and send them to AE, they arrive as the same clip.


      If I try and put all the clips in a sequence in PP, and send them over, they arrive in AE as a single melded sequence, with no access to separate clips as separate layers.


      If I try and convert te subclips in PP to master clips, they also lose their In/Out points and revert to being the entire length of the master clips.


      The only way I have found is to make a new sequence for each subclip in PP, and then taking that over to AE, but this is completely impractical, since you cannot do it for lots of subclips at once (if you try, it converts them all to one conjoined sequence) and I have many hundreds of subclips to convert.


      Surely there is a way to get clips from PP over to AE?!


      Thanks for any and all help,



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          Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

          Not sure why do you argue that sending a sequence made out of subclips in PrPro results in 'a single melded sequence'...


          There are several ways of bringing assets from PrPro into AE:

          - select all subclips in the timeline right-click and choose 'Replace With After Effects Composition';

          - create a composition in AE, select all subclips in the PrPro timeline, copy into clipboard (Ctrl/Cmd + C), switch to the newly created AE composition and paste (Ctrl/Cmd + V);

          - select a sequence with subclips in PrPro Project panel, copy into clipboard (Ctrl/Cmd + C), switch to AE and paste into AE Project panel (Ctrl/Cmd + V);

          - import PrPro sequence into AE via File -> Import -> Adobe Premiere Pro Project...

          (the latter is less convenient option since it also brings into After Effects unnecessary assets from PrPro project)


          All the above result in a composition with layers, which correspond to the subclips with correct In and Out points. The only 'feature' you have to enjoy is the mess with assets names in After Effects Project panel: it actually imports original clips but name them after one of subclips made out of that clip...