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    Replacing instead of conforming


      First a little explanation. I have a very big crazy project, where more than 124 hours of DVD material is editet into a few minutes of fast cuts. I am using the original VOB files and separate wav files to edit. Because of the growing size of the project and my disk slipping full with *.cfa files that are almost twice the size of the VOB files, I checked "Save media files next to originals when possible" and let Premiere re-conform everything. Although not advised, this saved me internal disk space (as the project files are on an external disk). I find it weird anyway that project related files are stored in some temp folder by default. Not very incterchange-friendly.


      I did all this in CS5. Now I've opened it in CS6, and it's started to conform all the material again. So I guess I would need to delete all the *.cfa and *.pek files to ensure no redundant files are on the disk.


      This made me think about using the conformed material as the actual file, so I wouldn't need the VOB files anymore, and premiere would never need to conform it again. This is what Premiere seems to do anyway. Is there any way to do this? Or would I need to batch process all the files in Predule and batch replace the clips in Premiere, if possible?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          There's no way to do that.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            The CFA & PEK files are what PrPro actually uses to do the editing. They are created from the original Audio files, and are stored, where you direct PrPro to do so. If they are removed, then PrPro will regenerate them, when the Project is Opened. If you are moving them about, you are probably better off just changing the location in Edit>Preferences, and then Deleting them. Clean the Media Cache. When you Open the Project, sit back, have a cup of coffee, and just let PrPro regenerate them, where you have relocated them.


            This ARTICLE will give you more info on the CFA & PEK files.


            Also, it might be helpful to know the full specs. of your I/O sub-system, i.e. your HDD's, their size, speed, free-space, controller type and how you have them allocated.


            Good luck,



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              Malloot Level 1

              I though the CFA was video info. But it's audio, and all the VOB files have 5.1 audio so that explains the size.

              I would have preferred that premiere asked me to convert all the files rather than just 'secretly' creating new files.


              I am actually not moving them about, I'm just opening the project in CS6 and it starts to confrom everything again. I could choose a local folder for all those files, but I find it really weird that this folder is not project related. It just dumps everything in there and leaves them forever. I don't want that. At a certain point you'd need a separate drive just for temporary CFA and PEK files.


              This project totals almost 1TB including all the CFA and PEK files. This is not part of my paid work so I just want to leave all related files on the external (2TB) usb 3.0 disk except for the actual "*.prproj" files for backupping. (I have all the wav and VOB files also backupped on an older external disk.)



              Anyways thanks for the help

              I'll delete all the PEK and CFA files and let the PC work in the night if it's the only way.


              edit: Is there a way to NOT import audio from VOB files?

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                At a certain point you'd need a separate drive just for temporary CFA and PEK files.


                That is part of the ideal setup, yes.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  Is there a way to NOT import audio from VOB files?



                  Yes, you can rip the discrete Audio and Video Streams from the MPEG-2 contained in the VOB. There are many ripping software options, though I do not know which ones might offer the option of separate, demuxed Streams. There is a list of some ripping software in this Encore FAQ Entry. I am sure that there are many, many more, and also demuxing utilities.


                  Also, PrPro is not very "secretive" about the Conforming and Indexing process - there is a progress bar that displays in the GUI, informing that the operation is in progress, and giving a graphical progress representation.


                  Good luck,