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    How can I get Skinnable -Popup-Container in the center of my app?

    komal harkut Level 1

      I have a component based on SkinnablePopUpContainer. I am using 4.5.1 sdk.

      I need to pop it up on the very center of my application.


      But the open() does not give any parameters as such to specify that.


      Sample code for showing popup is:

        var popup: MyCustomPopUp = new MyCustomPopUp ();

        popup.open( the name of my project file  ,true);

                                                                  popup.verticalCenter =0;

                                                                  popup.horizontalCenter =0;


      Even after mentioning the verticalCenter and horizontalCenter as 0, the popup opens automatically on the left hand side of the screen.


      If I use PopUpManager class then it works fine.But for my mobile application, I dont want to use PopUpManager Class.



      Please suggest a solution for this.