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    Warp pattern about a central point - advanced transforming?


      Hi there!


      My name is David and I am having some trouble with a rather difficult distort, it may not even be possible but I thought that if anyone could help me it would be you, the wonderful people of Adobe forums.


      Basically I am trying to warp a pattern about it's centre point, in a radial manor (the pattern file is obviously square in photoshop). If you imagine the pattern on a planar surface, the warp that I am trying to achieve is as if one were to grab the central point of the surface and pull it directly away from the face - see image below for visual aid...



      I'm trying to achieve a pattern that is a flat file, but looks like you are looking directly at the end of a pointy end of a cone that used to be a flat surface with the pattern on it.


      I've attached a link to a pattern file here - http://tinypic.com/r/2iu5mo0/6


      I know this is a bit of an obscure warp but I would be very grateful if one of you gurus of photoshop could help me out! If you have any questions please just shout!


      Many thanks,




      edit - Sorry I should probably mention I'm running CS5.5 on Windows 7.