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    Capturing audio as well as video with a sony AVCHD handycam

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      Capturing from card inquiry.

      I am new to CS6. I have a sony HD handycam model HDR XR350VE. I am trying to import my footage from it into CS6 but the audio is not being imported. I have read the instructions (3 different versions of the instructions!) and realise that I need to import all the BDMV files from the camera – stream, playlist and clip info files, and not just the MTS files.

      It is made more confusing as my second camera - a sony HXR70p is importing perfectly (all the audio files as well as video) without a problem, and to make it even more confusing, the 350 camera works perfectly  (imports audio and video fine) with premiere elements, so the problem is not with the camera.

      Can anyone help?

      Thank you.