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    Creating and tracking counters in Acrobat


      I need to create a PDF document that is "aware" of how many times it has been opened.  What i want is the capability to send a document for evaluation but place a limit on how many times the document has been viewed, displaying a message to the user when the limit has been reached.  I found this code on another post and I just want to make sure that it will work (obviously the code does not include the message box).


      Many thanks for your help


      if (global.count = null)


      global.count = 0





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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          That's not the right way to check for the existence of a global variable. If a global variable does not exist, it will return a value of undefined, not null. Also, the code has a bug such that it actually sets the global to null rather than testing to see if it's equal to null.


          Try something like this:


          if (typeof global.count === "undefined") {

              global.count = 0;

              global.setPersistent("count", true);

          } else {