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    FAQ: Will Photoshop work with my camera, or Why won't my raw files open?

    Brett N Adobe Employee

      What is a raw file?


        A raw file is the unprocessed light data that was captured by your camera sensor. The only settings on your camera that apply to this file are aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. This means that any settings you may have applied to the file, such as white balance, or black and white effects, have no effect. Because this sensor data is raw, it must be processed or baked into an actual image file, that's where the Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) plug-in comes in.


      What is Adobe Camera Raw?


        ACR interprets the raw data and makes image information out of it. But every camera has a unique sensor and thus has a unique form of raw file. Even though camera manufactures may use the same file extension each time (e.g. Nikon raw files are always .NEF), each camera model has a different way of storing information. Because of this, we must continually update ACR for new cameras. As we add new cameras to the list (over 300 now) we update our published list of supported cameras. Additionally, with the changes to ACR, newer releases will not always be compatible with older versions of Photoshop.


      So, will the my raw files work with Photoshop?


        So if you are wondering if your camera is supported by ACR or will work in Photoshop, first check this list:



        Once you know whether your camera is supported by ACR and by which version, check this list to see whether your version of Photoshop supports that version of ACR or later:



        If your version of Photoshop should open raw files from your camera, make sure you have the latest version of ACR installed. Go to Help > Updates to install the latest ACR release.


        You can also manually download and install ACR updates:


      Additional resources

         If you are still having trouble with your raw files, check these: