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    White is not 'White', it is YELLOW!

    TopGun904 Level 1

      I have a problem with the white color in Photoshop CS6, and I know it's not my computer or monitor. Anything white colored or anything for that matter, has a yellow tint to it. What should be white, is yellow. I even tried pasting a image of white on to the canvas, but that also turned yellow. I don't think it's my color settings. I also have Photoshop CS5, but that's fine. White is white. I pasted a screen shot of my computer onto both programs. CS5 is fine, but CS6 is still yellow. I cross referenced my color settings with CS5, making sure they're the same. One thing was different from CS5. The CYMK working space is "U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2". I tried switching it to Photoshop 5 Default CMYK if that could change it to the CS5 default, but nothing changed. Even the color pickers have yellow instead of white. Gradients and Black to Yellow. It's not my computer or monitor. I want to use CS6 for my photo editing needs, but I'll need to use CS5 to do anything that needs normal color. Please help, I want to use CS6, CS6 is so cool, but I don't want yellow, I want white.

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