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    Use ACR 6.7 Chromatic Aberration Removal Tool with ACR 7.1 installed

    chicagonature Level 1

      I want to be able to use the ACR 6.7 Chromatic Aberration removal tool with PS CS6 and ACR 7.1 installed.


      I have PS CS5 and CS6, but only CS6 installed at this time. The new Chromatic Aberration removal tool in ACR 7.1 does not always suit me. The problem is that to remove the purple fringing, however it also removes the purple color in the many, many purple flowers in the shot. So, it's pretty much worthless. I want to use ACR 6.7's CA removal tool, but how can I go about doing that?


      Also, the CA Removal tool in Photoshop CS5 or 6 is not to my liking. Not only is it quirky, but it also causes me to add an extra 335 MB layer, since I am editing a scanned medium format transparency. Using ACR will not add 335 megabytes to the file size.


      So, I'm asking if there's a way to have CS6 installed with ACR 7.1 and still use the CA tool of ACR 6.7. I thought that reverting back to ACR "2010" would work, but it only shows me the 6.7 features of the main tab (maybe others), not the 6.7 version of the CA tab.