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    Premiere CS6 crashing on start up after Mountain Lion install.


      Hi everyone, new to the forum.  I'm on a mid-2010 Macbook Pro i5 8GB RAM using the Creative Cloud, mainly Premiere Pro CS6.  So, last week installed Mountain Lion (probably a mistake) after I read that there were no issues with Premiere.  Well, since then whenever I launch CS6 the purple Premiere art pops up and I get a spinning beach ball every single time and the app doesn't respond.  Worked perfectly before ML install.  I have called Adobe 3 times...no help.  I have done clean installs, cleared preferences, tried on new admin users.  No luck.  I'm not super tech, if anyone has any words of wisdom, I would love that.  Thank you all.  Let me know if you need nore info on the issue.