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    How to cq:include in a list?

    stewa52 Level 1

      When I try and do a cq:include in the listitem_default.jsp of a list I get an error where the list of compoents in the sidekick disappear.  It seems like the path variable cannot be set to the same name when the list creates multiple items.  How should you include components in a listitem_default script?

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          orotas Level 4

          Perhaps you could explain what you are trying to achieve by using cq:include within the list. If you are using the path variable that sounds like you are trying to include a component - are you also including the resource type? Is that what you are doing? If so including the same component with the same path could potentially cause all sorts of confusion in the javascript on the page.


          What is you use case - do you really want the same component included on the page multiple times? Should the author be able to author the content of the component individually for each list item?

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            stewa52 Level 1

            I have the resourceType set on the include.  The listitem_default will render multiple rows for the list and I the render is composed of multiple components.  The compoents that are being included don't need to be edited by the user at all.  Is there a different way I should be inlcuding the components?