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    trouble downloading the mac/english Director 11.5 trial


      I'm having problems downloading the Director 11.5 trial.  I'm on a mac, using Snow Leopard--have tons of memory (16 gigs ram, 2t hard drive) and have downloaded plenty of other apps with no issues (including CS 5.5 updates, etc.) When I select Mac/English and click "Download" nothing happens.  The file isn't in my "downloads' folder or on my desktop, or in my applications folder.  I searched all over and it's not on my computer.  However, I do get an email thanking me for downloading the trial. I've contacted tech support a few times (by chat and phone) and no one knew any answers and told me to post the question here.


      BTW--I don't get any error messages at all.  Nothing happens at all when click "download."


      Anybody have any suggestions?

      Any help at all would be appreciated.



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