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    plays video that does not exist

    MARKARKARK Level 1



      I have a flash game with many videos.  I have labled the questions and ansers with the question being "1", the correct answer being "1a" and the incorrect anser being "1b".  A video did not play correctly, so I fixed it and reposted it to my site.  It made no difference.  I have done this several times, but it does nothing.  I changed the number to a video I know works, and it does, but when I change it to the correct number it doesn't work.  I went as far as removing the video completely off of my site just to get the error that it isn't there, but it still plays the original damaged video.  I have restarted my computer, but it does nothing. I can change the name of the video, but this will make the management of the questions confusing.