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    "Timeout waiting for DLMS" error  ?

    Mr Bansaw Level 1

      I am in multitrack mode, importing a shell which contains several audio tracks and one video track at the top.

      The audio imports fine but my WMV file does not.

      It gives me the error "Timeout waiting for DLMS source to open.  We are unable to open this file using any of the currently available importers".


      However, if I wait 10 seconds for cs6 to finish dealing with the audio track WAVs, then import the WMV manually, it imports and works fine.


      How do I avoid this initial error?

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          Ron_Day Adobe Employee

          DLMS is the Dynamic Link Media Server and it functions as a way for Audition to import file types supported by Premiere Pro (and other DVA Applications) through an external process.

          If you have this option enabled in the Audition Preferences, the "dynamiclinkmediaserver" process will start immediatly after Audition is loaded. The proces of this service loading can take several seconds after Audition itself completely loads.


          My suggestion would be to wait 10 seconds after Audition loads to import your files or open the session (or look in the task manager to make sure the "dynamiclinkmediaserver" process is loaded before proceeding).

          This delay is only required when the format you are attempting to import requires the DLMS process.


          -- Ron

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            Mr Bansaw Level 1

            thanks,  I did try to turn off the DLMS but then it wouldn't import WMV.


            The thing is, if I give this shell to someone else and they open it on their machine, they are going to get this error right away, and that may throw them into confusion.