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    editing dir names in Favorites panel?


      Is there way to edit the displayed name for directories in the favorites panel? 


      I use a consistant directory structure for multiple projects and can't differentiate between my favorite locations because they all display the same name.    I'd like to see "project1/pix", "project2/pix", etc..   Currently I'm only seeing "pix", "pix", "pix"    


      When I first set up the favorites last week I believe that Bridge displayed at least part of the directory path so I could see where I was going, but now that seems to be gone and I don't believe that I changed any settings.  


      Any ideas? 



      (Bridge CS5/ WIN 7)

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          Curt Y Community Member

          I believe that when you right click and select "add to favorite list" you are using the name of the OS file structure.  So you would have to change the name of the folder as it appears in the OS.

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            dwsfpt Community Member

            So this morning I log-in and launch Bridge and my favorites are now once again shown with the path names. I have made no changes to any preferences from yesterday where the names only showed the target directory in the path.


            Today it looks like this "C:\...\project1\pix", "C:\...\project2\pix", etc...     

            Yesterday it looked like this   "pix", "pix", "pix"..


            Except, one of my favorites is on a fileshare and oddly that one today is still only showing the target directory name.


            Perhaps just a bug?