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    Premiere CS6 major RAM problem

    Red Planet Pictures

      A little backstory..I've been using CS6 for 2-3 months now, and originally started with the trial.


      I started work on a particularly large project. It's a compilation episode for a show, and draws from multiple full-length episode sources of very large file sizes. I do not have access to the other episode projects and clips etc., nor do I have the time now to export the bits and pieces I'm using and condense the project size as its deadline is imminent. I suppose once the core editing's done i can use project manager to condense it then, but I don't think that will fix my problem.


      The machine I'm using is:


      Mac Pro 2008 2.8GHz 8-core

      Snow Leopard 10.6.8

      GeForce 8800 GT

      16GB RAM

      Blackmagic DeckLink HD Extreme 3D capture card

      2.5 TB SATA hd space, including 2TB in RAID 0

      1 TB eSATA external hd dock

      MenuMeters for disc/RAM usage monitoring


      Most of the work I do is directly off the RAID drive, which clocks at about 170MB/s read/write speeds, though due to the nature of this project, I have to use sources on the external, which clocks at about 130.


      The problem I'm having is, out of the blue, Premiere randomly started doubling its RAM usage. It will jump from using around 5000-6000MB to about 11200. And the numbers it jumps to are extremely specific, usually 11171, 11185/86/87, or 11201. Once it does this jump, the machine pretty well locks up until Premiere is quit, or sometimes even a full restart. The timing and actions are totally random. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 minutes, sometimes a couple of hours. It happens both when I'm doing complex work, or something as simple as scrubbing audio. It has even happened when I've left the machine sitting for lunch, running no other processes whatsoever, not even Firefox, literally just sitting there waiting for my return.


      I've tried various shared memory settings in preferences; currently it's at 12GB for the Adobe apps with 4 saved for others, but the jumps happen no matter what I change this to, and always the same 11171-11201 range. It also only happens with Premiere, no other software, not even After Effects. The most maddening part is this only started happening once I registered for the full version. The demo version ran without a hiccup the first couple weeks on this project, and I already had all the core assets imported and edited in at that point. Furthermore, it is not specific to this project. It happens in ANY Premiere project, even a brand new one with a couple of DV footage files, thus why I think project manager will do nothing. Sometimes the RAM goes up when I'm doing more complicated work, up in the 10500 range, but with no slowdown until it jumps to that magic 11171 range.


      There are three things I haven't tried yet, and I'm hoping to avoid the last one. I just noticed that Blackmagic released updated drivers for  DeckLink a couple days ago, so I'll install that to see if it helps. I also haven't cleared the cache since starting this project. Maybe due to the file sizes Premiere is getting devastated looking through the conformed files folder, could explain why it happens in any project. But still, you'd think this would have been an issue with the demo version then too? Last thing is of course a full reinstall. Really want to avoid this as it's a time consuming pain, but will try it if all else fails.


      If clearing the cache or the BM update fix it I'll post, but I'm skeptical. I'm hoping somone here can provide some insight to this very frustrating issue?




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          I have noticed the same issue. While performance is great, inevitably PPro starts gobbling up RAM. What's worse is, it doesn't let it go, even after closing the program. I've tried using a ram flush program but that doesn't seem to do the trick. Restart so far has been the only solution.

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            Jon Chappell Level 3

            You should be able to free it with the purge Terminal command if you have Apple's developer tools installed.

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              Red Planet Pictures Level 1

              Ok, since installing the Blackmagic update a few days ago, the problem has completely disappeared. The readme for the update simply states "Premiere Pro CS6 performance improvements" so I guess that settles it. If you've got a Decklink card and are having the same issues I was, update!

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Great to know, and your posting of your solution will likely help others in the future.


                Thanks and good luck,



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                  Jim Curtis Level 3

                  Jon Chappell wrote:


                  You should be able to free it with the purge Terminal command if you have Apple's developer tools installed.


                  Good tip, Jon, but I'm not so sure you have to have Developer Tools installed.  I haven't installed them on any of my Macs, yet when I type "purge" and hit return in the terminal, my Inactive RAM gets replaced by Free RAM.

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                    aldjlaidjflaewifjla Level 1

                    If I'd seen your post earlier I coulda told ya it was the BM driver. 


                    Desktop Video versions 9.5.3 & 9.6.0 both have a major memory leak. BM has fixed it in 9.6.1 and above.

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                      I have similar problem.

                      Im working on big project with multiple timelines.

                      after few minutes of work Premiere starts to Autosave

                      when it autosaves it is freezing up and slowly eating up RAM until it exceeds



                      Teh spec for my workstation:

                      Win 7 Ultimate SP1

                      Adobe Premiere V6.0.0


                      Intel i7-3770K 3,50GHz

                      32 GB Ram

                      AMD Radeon HD 7800


                      2  x  SSD in raid (223GB) (os) - project

                      1 x HDD (931GB) - material

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                        Red Planet Pictures Level 1

                        Update to the newest version of Premiere and see if you still have problems..

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                          h2ofun Level 1

                          Still happening to me big time.  I have 4 gig and I can watch the memory being eatten up while things no longer respond.  the memory useage goes to basically like 100%.  I have to somehow get the program stopped and start over.  Sometimes I have to hard reset because the desk top no longer works

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                            Snemanje poroke Level 1

                            Same to me:


                            i7-3930K (upt 4,2 HGz)

                            16GB 2133 kingston hyperx

                            1x intel 320, 1x intzel 330, 1x Crucial M4, 2xWD750RE in RAID0/1 matrix.

                            ASUS GTX570

                            Cineform projects

                            It goes 100% ram mostly when scrubbing... I edit exlusively from SSD (RAID is only for temporary exporting and storing finished)

                            If I ignore several "low memory dialog" from windows and I do NOT close premiere and restart it, it will crash and possibly lock up computer. Than only hard reset helps.


                            But if I close and restart premiere when low memory dialog appears, premiere saves, closes and restarts in a 5-10 seconds (ssd). I have premiere on a dedicated F-key on keyboard... I do that several times per hour. So "premiere-key" is used almost as often than space bar on my keybord


                            But it happens that ram usage goes back to normal too. Just not always. I can see that Premiere eated up whole RAM even from the jerkiness of playback.


                            Fresh install of windows did not help.- I have latest Adobe updates, windows updates, drivers...


                            I hope someone will find solution.



                            OH! I forgot to tell: WARP stabilisation is (good to have, helps at some situations, great that it is implemented in Premiere, but...) huge performance killer. Memory problems will happen for shure if I have warp analyzing and tri to edit at the same time. Or if more than one or two analyzing will be going. Even after rendered, it is real time FX, but saving of project on SSD goes from 1-3 seconds normal, to 20 seconds. Each warped clip doubles the saving time. It is recommended that warped file is exported as clip an reinported. But hey! Why do we have it than in premiere if we need to export it like before (to after fx)?


                            I hope Adobe will fix that too.