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    Image issue with crop

    Pete DiLillo

      I'm trying to crop an image that's rough 1800x2300 (1809x2394 to be exact).  This image is in the DAM and is being referenced with a smartimage component in a dialog.  When I apply a crop (of any kind, free, or specified) the dialog breaks and no longer shows the image.  I did some testing and when I scaled the image down about 75% (1357x1796) it would show the crop, however it was more than slightly off from what it was set as.  I again tested with the image about 50% size (1018x1347) and the crop improved it's accuracy yet again.


      Can anyone account for why this is happening?  Is there an implicit limitation to image sizes in the DAM?  If so what should I limit it to and where can I set this? 



      Pete DiLillo