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    netstream seek during buffer flush


      Hi folks,


      Quick question... I am developing a simple AIR video player but I am having small issues with seeking while the buffer is being flushed.


      I am listening to and tracing the NetStatusEvents, and I noticed that when the video begins to approach the end of the video the buffer starts to Flush (NetStream.Buffer.Flush).  But if I try to seek during this time, the Buffer Flush trace keeps firing, and most of the time if I continue to scrub (seek) the video while all the Flushes are being fired, after I end up getting a NetStream.Play.Stop event (which I have set to stop the video).


      The only work around I can think of (and implemented) was to disable my scrubber once the NetStream.Buffer.Flush event has been fired.  But I thought I would check to see if any body else has seen such a thing?