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    Flash Video Playback problem in CS4/CS5


      I need to put a Flash Video on my website, embedded in one of the existing html pages.

      When my developer puts together a Flash Video in Flash CS4 or CS5 using ActionScript 3, the video does not play - t just keeps buffering (showing a striped appearance on the seek bar) and will not play unless I refresh the browser.


      I've tried copying the code from the html page that came with the set of swf and flv files and that doesn't work either.

      Just inserting the swf file into the web page like we used to do in CS3 and earlier does not wor.


      I noticed that now with ActionScript 3 there is no ACRunActiveContent.js file.


      Videos created using CS3 and ActionScript 2 seem to work just fine on web pages.

      Wonder what i can do to use CS4 and CS5 videos and have them play on html pages?
      Any ideas anyone?