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    Problem with linked swf

      I have a samml director movie with a flash movie linked of the same size and occupies all the stage.
      Those are attributes of the linked swf.
      direct to stage:on
      If I try it in the Director preview it works fine, if I publish it embedded in an HTML the swf simply doesn't appears.
      I use to have the swf inside the Director's but I needed to put it linked because flash is loading an XML document and Director doesn't allow this action when swf is inside of it.
      Any hints or alternatives?
      I'm scared of lingo.

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          Please don't cross-post to as many forums as you can find. I /was/
          helping you on the first one you posted asking for help with this.
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            Dear Sean, I absolutely thank you for your help, but this is not crossposting cause this forum and the other one I was posting are not the same. I have the right to try to find an answer to my questions in the better way and an user that doesn't know about the existance of the other forum might find interesting to read this here and viceversa, even though the possibility of linking exists and consideering the big amount of forums that exist, if the same topic were not allowed to be asked in different forums once being asked one, Internet should be really poor and uselees and it will affect it's richness.
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              By the way, I've been trying to allocate the swf and the xml files in a folder called dswmedia (suposely it needs that for security reasons) this is really senseless if we consider the fact that my Director is obfuscated trying all the time to add the absolute path. Can't find any security on adding a file that comes from the "dswmedia" folder if the surrounding structure looks like::
              C:\Documents and Settings\TERROR\Desktop\hacking\viruses/dswmedia

              For example. The "dswmedia" trick doesn't work.
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                DAVID NAJAR Level 1

                First you can try to put your .dcr file and the .swf file on the same level and put them inside the DSWMedia folder, your html file could be outside of that folder, just to be sure there´s no path´s problems.
                Second, if the published movie when running ask about the location of the .swf file it could be because you wrote a hard link (C:\Documents and Settings\TERROR\Desktop\hacking\viruses\themovie.dcr) on the publish settings. I found to resolve this just erase the path before your movie name (themovie.dcr) (Director save the .dcr file on the same place as the .dir file) and Director will make all file paths relatives. Sounds estrange but it works, it´s the easily way to master your final project on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Flash memory, File image (.iso, .bin, so on) without take care about driver´s paths (C:\, D:\, and so on) by scripting means. Using this trick set all file paths relatives to the .dcr file (or better said to the .dir file). Don’t use the member´s fileName property to make the .swf file linked, import it as usual and maintain the same file and folder structure as the .dir file.

                Some times when the linked .swf file is too large Director takes so long to preload it, you can increase the bufferSize Flash property from 32,768 bytes to 327,680 bytes or more to speed up the preloading time.

                I hope this help you.
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                  FINALLY SOLVED:

                  I would like to thank David Najar and Sean Wilson for they help and also would like to write down here the right steps for importing a swf file in to Director as a linked file without problems:

                  1 Create a folder called dswmedia.
                  2 Put the .swf inside
                  3 Place the .dir project file inside the folder too.
                  4 Open .dir and import the .swf wtach out at the bottom of the importing window, there's a drop-down list of options, choose "Link to external file"
                  5 Choose the .swf and import it.
                  6 Activate desired options in the Property Inspector / Flash / Options button, be sure to choose LINKED.
                  7 "Direct to stage" will put the .swf at the top of all the layers in Director, it is ideal when Director is just the canvas for the .swf file.
                  8 Take the .swf movie from the Cast window and drag it the stage
                  9 Publish and enjoy !!
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                    Jeez Sean, you almost ruined the internets.


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                      > Jeez Sean, you almost ruined the internets.
                      > ;)