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    Quadro 5000 + GTX 690




      I have a XEON 5690 x 2 Workstation (SR-2) and a Quadro 5000 Gfx Card.

      I have a new evga 4Gb GTX 690 sitting in its box awaiting installation.

      My main gfx applications are: Adobe Creative Suite (especially AE and Pr) and on the 3D side,  3ds Max.

      I am driving 2xDell 3008 30" LCD's.


      I am wondering what thoughts people have on how to best use the GPU horesepower at my disposal.

      Do I use the Quadro 5000 to drive the monitors and then the GTX 690 as the Mercury Engine? What about 3DS Max?

      How do I configure the darn thing?