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    Moving a Movieclip using Actionscript...

      I'm trying to move a movie clip which has my main content in by having it scroll when a button (the button is independent to the clip I'm moving) is moused over, so that if the "up" button is moused over it will slowly move the movieClip in that direction.

      At present I have code (attached) that responds to my mouse being over a button by moving my movieClip (contentArea) unless the movie clip's x value is already at 0, in which case it stops.

      However, it does this all in one go, so it instantly is setting x to 0.

      Does anyone know how I could make this gradual, so say for every second the mouse is over the scroll area the movie clip would move a set number of pixels that way? Or am I over complicating things and there is an easier way to do this? It has to be mouse over as opposed to clicking as I want it to be intuitive.

      I'd be really grateful if anyone could help,