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    Three displays with GTX 670 -- duplicating desktop problem


      Just got a new computer with an Asus GTX 670 card.   I am running 3 displays:  1. (Main) Dell U2412M via DVI port,   2.  Old Samsung LCD monitor via DVI port with VGA adapter,  3. Samsung 59" plasma TV via HDMI port.  I am trying to duplicate the desktop on my TV, but the card will only allow me to extend the desktop to the TV.  TV goes blank when I try to duplicate the desktop.  I am able to duplicate the desktop on the TV when my third monitor is not connected.  My old Samsung monitor displays an extended desktop which is what I want.  


      If anyone has figured out the workings of this new card, I'd like to know if it is possible to duplicate the desktop on my TV with my setup.   Thanks