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    Is this an email scam?

    Aussie_leah Level 1

      I have had an Adobe online account for some time (a couple of years). I logged in today to download some brushes and then got an email about 1 minute later saying:


      "Dear [my name],

      You recently created an AdobeID. Your AdobeID is [my email]
      To confirm your email address, please click this link:
      https://adobeid-na1.services.adobe.com/renga-idprovider/pages/evp?email=[my email] &client_id=exchange1&locale=en&key=KZDY81Z80ZKV3120RVVDEBRSTC

      Please note:
      If you cannot access this link, copy and paste the entire URL into your browser.

      The Adobe Team

      Copyright 2011 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. 345 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95110 USA"


      Name and email removed with square brackets surrounding what I've deleted.


      Since I created my address years ago why would I be sent this email now? And clearly since I am logged in posting this, I don't need to varify anything. Has someone/something hacked Adobe servers? Of is this just an error on Adobe's part?



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          Kirsti-CA Adobe Employee

          Hi, Aussie_Leah,

          We'll follow up with our Customer Service team to confirm that it's from us.

          Thanks for letting us know about this!



          Adobe Community Help & Learning team

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            Kirsti-CA Adobe Employee

            I spoke with a customer service team member.  He confirmed that this is a valid email from Adobe.  We send such messages when there is an update to an Adobe ID.

            Here’s what we think has happened:

            From your description it sounds like your original Adobe ID did not match the new required format (an email address).   You may have recently logged into Adobe.com and been asked to change your Adobe ID to email address.  After you changed it,  Adobe would send this email message to verify the ID change.

            I’m going to send you a private email asking for your Adobe ID, so we can check to make sure this has happened.



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              Kirsti-CA After signing up to Creative Cloud only last week, I received a popup message on my Macbook Pro (not in an internet browser) asking me to confirm my Adobe ID. After clicking on the popup, it took me to the following URL: https://adobeid-na1.services.adobe.com/. I signed in with my e-mail address and password, but now, hours later, I have yet to receive a confirmation e-mail. It seems odd to me and I'm worried it may have been a scam of some sort. Is it possible to check whether Adobe has any records of a message being sent or of any changes in my account?

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                Kirsti-CA Adobe Employee

                Hi, melaniecamera,

                I'll get someone to contact you.