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    Can't open CS 5.0.4 Premiere Pro because of bin-file error.

    Brett McCartney

      I'm on an:



      OS X 10.6.8

      12 GB RAM



      I've had trouble with CS5 so i upgraded to CS5.0.4 PP and I cant open my project. It's a large project, over an hour long movie. I've spent over 7 grand of my own cash on it and a year of my life. This means the world to me to fix.


      whenever I open Premeire it says :


      Can not open bin-file.


      i understand that is an audio plug in error and i've been searching for it 10 hours. I know if i find it, remove it from the folder, it will open with all my reverbed audio gone. I'm fine with that, I can not for the life of me figure it out.


      I'm begging for help.