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    CS6 suite crashing in Mountain Lion, the fix

    OzSanta2 Level 1

      I had a persistant problem where the CS6 trial of Photoshop crashed on 'Save As' under a new install of Mountain Lion.


      After 3 days, and many re-installs, I tracked the problem down to 4 installed fonts, two of them Adobe font suitcases.


      They are...




      Adobe Sans MM

      Adobe Serif MM


      Removal of the above, which checked out fine using Font Book, also stopped my Office 11 suite from crashing on startup.


      I had also removed every faulty font from my list of 2100+ fonts, and only when a clean install with the minimum of fonts worked, did I try dragging extra fonts in a few at a time, then, Bingo! Crashes.


      CS6 worked fine under Lion with the full font list, so obviously something dramatic has changed in Mountain Lion regarding handling fonts.