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    Category Axis for dates display problems

    Solerous Level 1
      I am experiencing an odd display behavior in my flex chart. The xml for the chart skips some time, for example:

      <item date="10/31/2006" val="57"/>
      <item date="12/27/2006" val="55"/>
      <item date="02/14/2007" val="44"/>
      <item date="02/22/2007" val="43"/>
      <item date="02/28/2007" val="59"/>
      <item date="02/28/2007" val="58"/>
      <item date="03/03/2007" val="35"/>

      But when it displays on the axis, it displays the labels like so:

      10/31/2006 2/22/2007 03/03/2007 etc....

      Here is my definition of the CategoryAxis.

      <mx:CategoryAxis id="h1" categoryField="date" labelFunction="formatLabel"

      Is this a bug? The chart uses two vertical axis as well. Maybe this is causing the problem. Ideally I'd just like to define a start and end date for the bottom axis and have it display the months uniformly. Is there a way to do that or at least fix this odd behavior?