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    No sound in rendered files


      I'm trying to render out a comp with sound but the sound isn't rendering. I've checked the audio box which has always worked before. The sound plays fine in the comp under ram preview but when I render it out using mpeg2 there's no sound on the rendered file.


      I'm worried the problem is down to an installation problem. I had to reinstall the production suite recently and there are problems with codecs missing from premiere. I have the Asus P8 P67pro motherboard and it's had a SATA controller failure. The motherboard is due to go back for replacement but I want to get this video finsihed first as I'll be without a computer for up to four weeks and unable to do any work.


      Does this sound like a codecs issue? Is there any way I can get the sound working without a reinstall? I don't have any working dvd drive on this PC.


      I'm using AE CS5. Windows 7 64bit