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    Auto-Detect Return Type

    ksukat Level 1


      I have flashbuilder 4.5 for php premium.  I have created an application using flashbuilder, ZendAMF, php and postgres database.

      I have run into a problem.


      I have created a service.  I have created the necessary functions in the php code.

      I am letting flashbuilder do the client side typing.


      my php funtion is dirt simple.


      function getStuff($PARMS){

      stuff here.

      if ($myResult == null) {

        return -1;

      } else {

         return $myResult;




      it accepts a string array as an argument, and returns an array of Strings (or -1 if the query is null).


      I select Configure return type.  Select auto-detect.   When the dialog pops up to Enter Value,

      I cannot seem to specify the array of strings in the "enter value" field.


      What should the Select Type be for an array of Strings ?  How would you enter and array of strings in the enter value field ?


      Is the specification method detailed or explained anywhere ?  the example shown when you press the elipse button isn't clear to me.


      any help greatly appreciated.