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    Help choosing a PC




      I apologise in advance for posting another 'which PC should i get' thread but i really am stuck. I dont want to spend all that money only to find i still cannot achieve what i want to achieve.


      I will be using the PC for home video editing.

      This will be editing HD video either 720 or 1080 taken on a gopro hd hero2 action camera.

      I believe the codec is important so the files i will be editing are MP4, .h264.


      I will use Adobe Premiere elements taken from CS4 but possibly CS5 at a later date.

      I also use After effects and Photoshop.


      All i want is to be able to competently edit these files. I dont mind longer render times but i want smooth playback and previewing and non-stuttery perfomance.


      I have been using a 10 yr old PC, Pentium 2 and 2GB RAM but it has finally fallen over and i need to invest in a new PC.


      I do not need accessories, only the core tower unit.


      I have been looking on this website to try and build one but get stuck when deciding on certain parts, please could someone build a PC for me on this website so that i can see what spec i need and purchase something:




      by all measn if you hvae a better place to buy the computer from thats great or any advice is going to be very well recieved.


      Thank you in advance.