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    Disable Site Cache Before DW CS6 Loads

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      Is there a way to temporarily disable the site cache from loading when starting up Dreamweaver CS6? The reason is I often work from home where the connection is relatively good (cable) but going through a VPN connection to our servers is extremely slow. Dreamweaver tries to start up and it takes at least an hour for the site cache to load before I can get to the actual application. The site cache loads, but it's apparently still connecting to the server...doesn't that negate the point of having a cache?


      Anyway, I would like to disable the site cache before loading up DW so it'll speed up my access to the application. Is this possible?


      I'm on Mac, btw.


      Thank you.

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          yshivaprasad Adobe Employee



          You can turn off Site Cache as below:

          1. Go to Manage Sites window

          2. In Manage Sites window, select the desired site and click Edit button in the bottom of the window

          3. In the sidebar, Click on Local Info under Advanced Settings

          4. Uncheck "Enable Cache" checkbox

          5. Click Save button and close the Manage Sites window.


          Just for your inforimation:

          Enable Cache indicates whether to create a local cache to improve the speed of link and site management tasks. If you do not select this option, Dreamweaver asks you if you want to create a cache again before it creates the site. It is a good idea to select this option because the Assets panel (in the Files panel group) only works if a cache is created.


          Please let me know if you have any queries/concerns.



          Yalpi Shiva Prasad

          Adobe Dreamweaver Team

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