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    Creating horizontal "columns"


      I make use of columns regularly when setting up brochures to easily set where my text needs to go in relation to paper folds. However I also often do pieces with horizontal folds that open top-bottom instead of left-right. What I would love to do is use 'columns' but in a horizontal way ("rows"?).


      I don't think there's a way to do this natively in InDesign, but does anyone know if anyone's made a script or plugin to allow one to do this? So far I've been doing guides and/or shapes on a master page. Alternatively, for things like calendars, I've been doing the page tool/document shuffle trick but for one-sheet projects makes printing more complicated that it's worth for a one-sheet document.


      P.S. I'm referring to the columns you can adjust via Layout -> Margins & Columns, not text frame columns.