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    Resizing a 3d(or not) image in flash professional CS6.

    Mrbo0m Level 1

      I need some help with a project I am working on.


      I am looking to create a simple user menu where you would input 3 values. Width, Length and Height (The scale would be fairly simple W 0-19, H 0-23 and L 0-31. So limited)

      These X,Y and Z values would then cause a image of a cube in that proportion to be displayed on a simple grid. Also flash would output a price using an equation using the inputted numbers.


      I think I will be fine with the actionscript for the equation but I am at a bit of a loss of how to deal with the visuals? Do I draw multiple separate images and call them up individually or is there a way to manipulate this (apparent 3d image) using action script referencing the outcome of the equation.


      I dont have much experience with manipulating 3D with flash. In this video I can see how to create a 3d box:




      But could I then manipulate this using actionscript?


      Or do I need to use a 3d package such as alterniva 3d?


      There must be a simpler way? Any help is really appreciated and if completed i will post results here for everyone.