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    How to use rollover function?

      Hello there,
      I have a big problem with rollover funcion - how to use it in this case: When I'll roll over mouse pointer over the sprite, this sprite shall change in another sprite AND mouse pointer shall change in another mouse pointer. Of course when mouse pointer will slip off from this sprite everything should be back to begining (pointer and sprite). How the code should looks like? Or meaby where I may find some usefull example???

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          Level 7
          property spriteNum, pnormalMember, pOverMember

          on beginSprite
          sprite(spriteNum).cursor = 280
          pnormalMember = sprite(spriteNum).member
          pOverMember = member("someBitmapMemberName")

          on mouseEnter
          sprite(spriteNum).member = pOverMember

          on mouseLeave
          sprite(spriteNum).member = pNormalMember