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    Help With Perspective Edit


      Hi Everyone,


      I'm pretty new to photoshop, and I've got an edit that's giving me some trouble.  The picture is a crop of the portion of the image I am struggling with.  Essentially, I am trying to remove the plug in the wall, and extend the molding across the gap as if there is no break there.  However, with the perspective of the shot, I am having trouble lining getting both sides to line up in a convincing manner when I fill in the gap.  I've experimented with Vanishing Point, patch, transform, etc. without much luck.


      I'd appreciate it if anyone could provide a walkthrough, and maybe even edit this image itself with how you would go about it and provide some tips on what you did. 


      Thanks in advance.

      I'm using a trial of CS6 extended.  Any other information you might need, please let me know.