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    Cirrus not optimized for mobile?

    BryBam Level 1

      I'm doing some tests with an Android air app using a multicast audio connected between 2 phones. I need to do multicast, because I want to do this with many phones, but right now for this test I'm using 2.


      The test is between a Galexy nexus and a Nexus One. The app runs fast and smooth on both phones from the start, but it seems the moment the Nexus One receieves any sort of sound from the netStream It completely slows down the entire app, puts it almost on the verg of a crash and never recovers.


      But if I quit the app, open it again it runs completly fine...until that moment when i transmit audio from the Galaxy Nexus to the Nexus One again.


      If I just transmit audio from the Nexus One to the Galaxy nexus everything is fine. I assume just because the Galazy Nexus the processor is superior it can handle this? But it's strange because the Nexus One is still SENDING audio so woulnd't that slow it down too?



      So overall when I did tests with a Galaxy Nexus, Xoom, HTC Vivid, Nexus One, Sidekick..


      Sending AND receiving between the Galaxy Nexus, Xoom, HTC Vivid is great.


      BUT when the Sidekick and the Nexus One receive audio over the mutlicast netstream they completly slow down and their CPU consumption goes crazy.


      Is it just that Cirrus isn't optimized for older mobile phones or is there anything I can do to prevent this from happeneing?