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    Managing and mastering audio


      What's the best way to master audio for a project in CS5.5? (It's never felt very effienct...)


      For this particular project, I have 34 interviews that I want to make sure are all equal in their audio levels, but don't necessarily want to add 34 audio tracks.  In previous projects, with fewer interviews, a dedicated track for each subject worked well, but I can't see how this would be manageable with so many interviews, especially when there are only small snippets from each person. (total project length is around 25 minutes)


      I have also wondered if there is a way to import the entire sequence audio into Audition for editing rather than just on a clip by clip basis?


      Thank you

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          The simplest is to pay attention to the audio levels using the meter and adjust as needed.

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            josephs51576386 Level 3

            You could break the files into three categories high volume, medium volume, and low volume. Then put all clips that are loud on a track that has no gain applied to it only compression using the dynamics effect. Then put the medium clips on a track with a little bit of gain and a bit less compression than the loud clips. Then take your lower volume clips and put them al on a track with more gain and almost no compression at all. Then on your master track put the dynamics effect but don't use any compression only turn on the limiter and set it to whatever you want your absolute max audio level to be.


            Basically if you do this it will work wonderfully once you figure out exactly what your target volume is going to be you set everything else accordingly. So this your loudest clips are getting compression but no gain and also a limiter to stop them from going over your desired peak volume. Then your medium clips are getting a bit of gain from their dynamic effect on their own track while not compressing them hardly at all if any, then putting your lowest clips on a track with the dynamics effect with enough gain to make them = to the loud clips and also the medium. Then make sure not to compress the lower level tracks at all and then you're ready to go.

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              Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Your situation is the ideal candidate for the Match Volume tool in Audition CS5.5 and later.

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                e.lasater Level 1

                Using three audio tracks for the varying volumes is what I wound up doing yesterday and was able to get the levels fairly well matched.

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                  e.lasater Level 1

                  Until yesterday, I didn't have an inkling on how to tell Premiere to remember when and where to adjust the volume levels.  A video tutorial got me pointed in the right direction, but if you have more info about this process, it would be helpful. 

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                    e.lasater Level 1

                    Yes, but how do you import the entire audio channel/s into Audition?  So far, I've only seen how to import individual clips.