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    Auto-fill and auto-layout


      I am currently interning with a company that uses InDesign CS3 to arrange ads and stories and classifieds in a local newspaper. Currently they are using a custom programmed app for arranging the images and text in the newspaper. It can figure out the size of the images based on the name and then it arranges it with the others. Unfortunately this program is faulty and often stops working or works incorrectly, but when it does work it is a huge time saver. Unfortunately it doesn't work more often than it does. It was written to work with Microsoft Access 2003. Is there anyway to do what it does in InDesign?

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          Just to clarify, DVDRocknRoll is asking, from what I understand from talking with him, for something that will arrange/distribute ads throughout a multicolumn layout from a library of ads (particular folder(s) of images or other assets), wherever they will best fit, in space not used by imported text.


          I am also interested in the answer, should anyone have more information. Are there specialized plugins for IDCS5.5/6 that will automate this aspect of newspaper layout?

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