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    Syntax errors with ES freeze/hang FM

    Russ Ward Level 4



      I keep bumping into situations where a small syntax error causes FM to freeze, like there is a modal dialog open except there is no dialog. For example:


      doc = app.ActiveDoc();


      ...this is wrong because of the parenthesis, but rather than throwing any errors, FM just freezes and I can't get it unfrozen, except to kill it with the Task Manager. Is there a way to prevent this freeze or at least thaw it out? It's becoming tiresome to restart FM and reset locks, etc. with every little typo.




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          Wiedenmaier Level 3

          Hi Russ,

          I think this won't help you, but I can reproduce this with app.ActiveDoc() and app.ActiveBook().

          With other properties I get a correct runtime error "app.AutoBackup() is not a function".

          So generally it works as expected, but not in these two cases.

          I think this is a problem of the script engine in these two cases. Perhaps there's an invisible (private) method defined, which is used internally, I don't know.



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            Russ Ward Level 4

            Markus, thanks. I guess the answer is that there is no answer, other than to get a little bit smarter. I get freezes with other actions, especially when (inadvertently) using invalid objects for various things.


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