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    Why does footage darken when you move it on timeline?

    TheCoroner9 Level 1

      I keep noticing this so I thought I would ask.


      Windows 7  cs5.5


      After I drag a clip from my source monitor into my timeline it looks normal.

      In the timeline area, I drag the start of the clip to where I want my in point to be. Then do the same with the out point on the clip.


      Clip looks fine in my program monitor.


      I then drag the clip on the timeline over to the left behind the clip in the sequence (where I want it to go).

      Suddenly the clip is darkened or completely black in the program monitor.



      I also noticed once - I unlinked the video and audio in a clip. Then extended the audio to the left on the timeline.

      Basically making the audio 4 seconds longer than the video.  The clip in the program monitor turned Black during playback.


      Just wondering what causes this and how to avoid?