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    RoboHelp vs. RightNow Knowledge Base


      I'm trying to help steer a client towards a solution and they've been going down the KB path but are now wondering what exactly the benefits or differences are.  From what I can see of their needs RH Server would be all they need...at a MUCH lower cost.  But when asked what the advantages of an expensive KB are (and they assume there must be advantages) I can't answer.  I could tell them to ask Oracle, but they're asking me and even if just for my own edification I'd love to know what situations might be more appropriate for the KB than RH.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP





          What exactly do your clients need? Do they need a knowledge base with articles or a comprehensive help? Do they want lots of users to create and edit content or just a few?




          If you really need a knowledgebase solution, I would look towards a Wiki. For instance, both Mediawiki and Dokuwiki are very powerful, mature and free. You can also restrict the viewing and editing to only a handful of users if you require that. But without a good idea of what the requirements are, it’s hard to say which solution is best for you.