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    Links to aggregator items


      Hello All,


      Is it possible to create a link from a clip, which is included into Aggregator, to another aggregator item? I need to provide an end-user with several options - either to continue with the current clip or jump to another clip in aggregator. Is it doable?


      Pls advise.



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          nsukumar Adobe Employee



          Steps for doing this are very simple. Just make sure that the branch source and branch destination files are added in the Aggregator. Suppose you have a button with success action of “Open another project”. At run time whenever you click on the button, if the target movie is also included in the aggregator, then it will branch to the target movie without leaving from Aggregator.


          For Example, you added two modules in aggregator, say Test1.swf, Test2.swf, and you want to configure a link in 'Test1' so that when the user clicks on a button, it should jump to 'Test2'. To achieve this,



             1. Go to the .cptx file ( corresponding to 'Test1.swf').

             2. Configure the Button action (Button Properties >Action) as 'Open another Project', select 'Test2.swf' as the URL

          Make sure that the ‘Current’ option is selected as the Destination window.

             3. Republish 'Test1.swf'.

             4. Add' Test1.swf, Test2. swf' in aggregator.

             5. Publish the Aggregator project



          Clicking on the Button present in the module Test1, branches to the module Test 2.



          Please let me know it resolves your issue or not




          Nimmy Sukumaran.

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            andyG928 Level 1

            Thank you, Nimmy! It works perfectly - exactly as I needed.