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    AIR app seems to become unresponsive after sitting idle

    74designer Level 1

      I built a straight forward info kiosk using Flash AS3 and used AIR to distribute it.


      The main items of the file:

      Straight ahead navigation with buttons that jump to frame markers.

      It has a 3 minute timer which returns it to the start page if it is not touched within that time limit.

      It has several screens that display web pages in a component web browser window.


      The problems I have hit: I have had the kiosk react as if the timer were set to 5 seconds and return to the home page too quickly. I have had buttons not work while others were working.


      But a restart of the AIR app corrects these issues and it works fine. It worked fine in my office however I did not test it in auto mode over several days of turning on and off and running all day.


      The system it is on is Windows 7. The system auto starts each morning, launches the app, then shuts down at days end.


      Could there be an issue with the app being up for 8 hours a day? Does it need to refresh itself?


      Any input is appreciated.