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    PS CS6 - Left Click Mouse Button Way Too Touchy

    chicagonature Level 1

      I'm looking for a solution to an annoying problem with Photoshop CS6. Here's the problem:


      When holding down the left mouse button in the scroll bar area for just a fraction of a second too long, the scroll bar moves several positions. In the past, it wasn't this touchy. It's so touchy that it's impossible to CONSISTENTLY click once and make the scroll thingy move just one position. In previous versions, it works like a charm. Is there a way to adjust this mouse issue?


      I use it on every image for cloning so that I can check one section at a time. For this reason, I've now gone back to CS5, but also because CS6 crashes on me and it sometimes gets stuck on Auto Saving files (possibly because they're big).

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          This is easily reproduced.  Just click and hold on the scroll bar for the main image preview.


          • With Photoshop CS5, when you do this the scroll thumb moves once, then waits about half a second, then quickly repeats movements until it reaches where you have clicked.


          • With Photoshop CS6, it just immediately starts repeating, without the longer initial delay.


          I don't know about Macs, but Photoshop CS5's behavior is Windows standard behavior.  Photoshop CS6's behavior is wrong.


          I have to ask (of any Adobe folks reading), why would scroll bar operation be changed in this way?



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            conroy Level 5

            Noel, the scrolling behaviour which you describe as Windows standard behaviour is also Mac standard behaviour. On a Mac, Photoshop doesn't follow that standard; Ps doesn't repeat scroll at all when the mouse button is held down with the pointer in a scroll bar. One scroll step per depression of the button is all Ps gives the Mac user. This particular misbehaviour doesn't bother me, but I do prefer applications to behave as expected unless there is good reason to be different.

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              chicagonature Level 1

              Hi Noel,

              Exactly, in the past there was a delay and, with CS6, there isn't one.


              But, they made other unnecessary changes, as well, like the color scheme. It used to be the scroll thumb was light gray, now it's dark gray. So, I click the wrong thing all the time.