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    Disapearing nested animation within a IK armature.



      I’m having problems with disappearing animation from a nested symbol within an IK armature. I’m using a character made up of graphic symbols, and an IK bone tool armature to animate it. All facial assets are within the head symbol, which is all fine and dandy. I’ve animated lip sync and facial expressions and have used the ‘properties box’ to sync the animation from the head to the main armatures time line though looping/ playing a single frame etc. (It’s been annoying because each pose requires you to set up the properties box again, which is a really fiddly process, especially when you have a lot of poses!)
      Everything works fine- until I close the project and re open it! All of my synced animation from the head symbol has reverted back to the default ‘Loop- frame 1’. All of my animation is still within the symbol and working- But it wont show on the main timeline from the armature because every pose has reverted back to ‘Loop- frame 1’. This requires me to go through each pose- adjust the property box so it syncs up with the nested symbol again- EVERY time I open my files. This is really a bad workflow and I can’t keep doing it. I’ve saved different versions of the same file and it happens everytime? I’m not sure if it’s a bug with the IK timeline or if there is a way around it? If anyone has any clues or suggestions or knows a way around this- I’d be so grateful!
      I’m using CS5 by the way.



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          Wow, ok- I think I've just found the answer-





          David Stiller comments- "Unfortunately, you can’t use the nested graphic symbol trick in IK either.  IK armatures require (actually, *are*) a special kind of timeline layer, just like new-style motion tweens.  They operate in a different mode from that used with classic and shape tweens, and in this case, it means the same drawback occurs.

          Fortunately, the timeline supports classic tweens, shape tweens, motion tweens, and armatures all at once, so you can mix-and-match to best suit your needs.  Put your character’s arms, legs, and torso in one layer (an armature), then put the head in a series of classic tweens in a separate layer.  That way, you can bone up the limbs to take advantage of IK benefits, while maintaining the nested graphic symbol trick for mouth phonemes."



          So to fix this its probably best to not connect the head to the body armature- that way you can still get all the joys of nested animation and lip sync without it vanishing. That's going to be annoying for things like the hands or even if you wanted to swap symbols though.


          If anyone else has any other ideas though I'd still love to hear them!