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    Problems Importing Premiere Pro Project into After Effects


      I've got my first Pemiere Pro CS6 project completed. Now i want to import it into After Effects CS6 to add titles.


      The PR file includes two segments, two still photos and two AE compositions. I am trying to import the PR project into AE two different ways:


      1. File>Import> Adobe Dynamic Link>Adobe Premier Project. When I do this, the project looks great in the Footage tab of the RAM preview window on the right. But when I make a new sequence to get it on the Timeline so that I can begin to add titles, I get only  blackness in the Comp tab of the ram preview window whether I am playing a RAM preview or a spacebar preview.


      2. File>Import> Adobe Premier Project. When I do this, the two AE segments are missing.

      I am on an iMac with OSX.7.4.


      Can anyone give me some advice on the best way to do this?


      --Carol Gunn


      Gunn Graphics
      Austin, TX