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    .LCK file problem - can't access it - doesn't exist

    Sir Aaron

      I'm a total newb so take it easy on me.  I've been editing a website using dreamweaver.  I enabled the checkin/out feature because another guy on the team is also working on parts of the website.  I've been using the feature for days without any problem.  Suddenly, I try to check out a page today and it says that the .LCK file  for the page I'm editing can't be accessed (the one on my local drive).  I've looked for the LCK file in my local directory but didn't see it.  When I check out another page it creates a LCK file on my local drive and when I check it in, it deletes the file.  So there is only a problem with one particular page.  Deleting the webpage on either the server or the local drive doesn't solve the problem.  Disabling and enabling the checkout feature doesn't solve the problem.


      Interestingly, when I check out the file it tells me it can't access the LCK file.  No green check mark appears next to the page on the remote sever.  However the padlock is removed and a green check mark appears on the local drive.  I can edit the page without any problems and put it to the server even though it can't access the LCK file.


      For now I've simply turned the feature off since it seems to be easy to get around anyways.  But I'd like to figure out the problem.