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    Overprint issue, please help


      Hi, I am very confused with the overprint issue in illustrator recently.


      Figure 1 is a document that used to contain overprint objects; then I deleted all the layers/objects and drew a simple oval. As you can see from the Print Summary – it says there’s overprint object.


      Figure 2 I created a brand new document and drew a simple star shape. You can see that there’s no overprint issue anymore.

      I mean they’re both simple object without any overlapping involved, how come one has overprint issue and the other not? Is there any document settings I need to be aware of? Sometimes I have very complex shapes and there's no overprint issue, why? Please help.


      P.S. There's no transparency or strange colour fill on the shape. And I just want to get rid of the overprint warning.


      Figure 1:




      Figure 2: