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    Standard panel resizeing using borders

    sinious Most Valuable Participant

      Hey all,


      Don't take "Panel" too literally. I'm pretty new to flex. Hopefully this is something simple I've overlooked.


      I'd like to make a left and right side to my application. A Tree on the left and various dynamic things on the right. I'd like to allow the user to resize the separation between the left and right side in a standard way.


      Just about every application us users use allow you to grab a border or area between 2 separated panels and resize them. One panel gets bigger while the other shrinks. This is trivial in c#.NET as a border can be requested and all the resizing is done for you. It's literally drag and drop. I'm trying to find this in Flex if it exists.


      Is there a container that supports auto-resizing of areas or even has a way of implementing it in a normalized way? BorderContainer contains no properties I can see to allow resizing, nor the other containers. Should I expect to literally make a HRule or VRule and hand code them to resize panels when clicked (if that's even possible)?


      I'm just looking for the easiest way to contain panels with inner resizability.