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    I can't change my font from the character menu, how do I fix this?


      Basically, the only way I can change my font is through the Type>Font menu up top (and by right clicking), but the list in the character palette and the control bar are empty. I can type in the name of the font I want and it will complete it, but even then it doesn't change anything. It is really inefficient for me to have to scroll through all the fonts every time, especially when I have no idea what font I want (or if the one I want is at the bottom of the list).


      It started doing this just out of the blue a few months ago, before then it was working fine, no idea what set it off. I can't print from Illustrator either, maybe it's part of the same problem (that started earlier).


      My version is CS2. Windows XP. I don't think that my boss is going to upgrade either in the near future. It's a small company, we don't have IT help.


      I've done some searching and have already tried:

      -uninstalling the old Illustrator 9 that was on here

      -deleting the aiprefs file

      -deleting the entire folder it was in

      -deleting all of the Adobefnt*.lst files I could find

      -restarting Illustrator, the computer several times


      I haven't tried reinstalling Illustrator yet. Don't know where the CD is, so it's a last resort.